Approved Core iPad Apps Process

Here is a list of all the apps that have been approved or not approved.



OSD is classifying iPad apps into Tier 1 and Tier 2 apps. 

Tier 1   apps are considered core and are pushed out to student iPads via our MDM Moysle by IT staff. 

Tier 2   apps will be populated by request and reviewed by Ed Services. Once an app is approved for Tier 2 it will be listed and added to the  Mosyle ‘Self Service Portal’ where the apps can be selected by Teachers to make available to their classes. 

Tier 3   apps will be apps required under special circumstances: purchased for individuals such as IEP's or other purchased apps for small groups or specialized program needs. 

Apps that are not approved will be also be listed. Please refer to the list before submitting a request.

Information on how to use the Mosyle ‘Self Service Portal’ is HERE and HERE.

To request a student iPad app please fill out the Google Survey on this page. One app per submission please. If you are having problems viewing the survey on this page, the direct link to the survey is HERE.