Reset Your Password

If you are having trouble logging into your Email/ Google account/ website, your password may have expired/

Follow these steps to reset it.

If you CAN log in to Office 365, go here.

If you CANNOT log into Office 365, go here.

Can't log into 365; Reset your password


1. Log on to . Click the "Sign in" icon in the upper right of the page

2. Type in your email address and press next

3. On the next page, select the "forgot my password" link

4. on the next page, ensure your userid has your email and you type the characters in the picture. 
Then Click "Next"

5. on the next page, select the 2-factor Authentication you'd like to use. 

a. Step 1
1. Mobile phone : Select mobile phone and type the number of the phone you registered with.

2. Your phone should get a call/text. Type the verification code and click "next"

b. Step 2

1. Select "Email my alternate email". Click the "email" button

2. an email will be sent to you. Open that email and copy the verification code.
Look for an email from

3. Type or paste the code in where it says "Enter your verification code" and click "next"

4. Now just type the new password and confirm it, pressing "Finish" to complete it.

Can log into 365; Reset your password

Use this method if you already are able to log into Office 365

1. After logging in to , click your personal icon in the upper right of the page. 

2. Select the text "View Account"

3. On the left, select the "Password" link.

4. on the change password page, Type your old password.
Then type the new one. Then type it once again to confirm it, clicking "submit" to finalize the password change.