iPad Mail Setup

When you reset your iPad, it will not automatically have a district e-mail account setup in the Apple Mail app   


1.  To set up your district e-mail on the app, open Settings 

2.  Scroll down until you see Passwords & Accounts , tap to open.

4.  This area will display any account on your Apple device that stores data related to iCloud, e-mail, contacts, calendars. 

Tap "Add Account".

5.  Tap on "Exchange".  

- For the e-mail field, type in your username @oxnardsd.org, (i.e. jsmith@oxnardsd.org)

- For the description field, you can type in your school site or department for easy reference.  This is the mailbox display name.

6.  Tap Next.  When asked whether you'd like to Configure Manually or Sign In, tap Sign In.

7.  You'll be taken to a Microsoft sign-in page.  Tap "Work or school account", as we're setting up a district account.  When prompted, enter your password and tap Sign in.

8.  Follow the prompts after signing in, or just tap Next until the setup is complete.  After a few minutes, you should see that your account is accessible in the Apple Mail app.