Managing your Z:/ Drive

Here you will find information on how to access, save and transfer files/documents on your Z:/ drive.

How to access your Z:/drive?


If you are on any OSD sites:

1. Click on the file icon on the lower task bar. 

2. On the next window, click on “This PC” 

3. A list of your drives should appear, then choose your z:/ drive with your username to access your files. 


If you are outside the OSD sites (at home):

Go to 

Please login with your standard credentials.


How to save your files/documents on the Z:/drive?

1 – Choose “File”, “Save As”, then double click on “This PC”

2 – On the next window, choose “This PC”, then your Z: drive with your username in front of it.

3 – Name your document, then click “Save”


How to transfer files/documents to your Z: Drive?

1. Click on the file icon on the lower task bar. 

2 – Highlight the files or folders you want to copy. On your highlighted files or  folders, right click on your mouse to see the drop down menu. Then, choose  “Copy”.


3- On the same window, choose your Z drive. Then, right click on the empty  space on the right side and choose “new” to create a new “folder”. Then,  name your folder (on the sample, the name is “desktop”). 

Note: You might have to expand on “This PC” to see your Z drive. 

4- On your Z drive, open the new folder you just created. Then, on the empty  space on the left side, right click on your mouse. Then, choose “paste”.