Document Camera Setup

Here you will find information about the how to setup your document camera.  Look at the bottom of your device to verify model number.


  • For other legacy model drivers and software, click here



Lumens DC-162


Installation Instructions (Important!)

1.  Click here to download Lumens Queue software installer.  Once complete, open the downloaded .zip file and drag/extract the "Lumens Queue Installer" to your desktop.  Run the installer, clicking next until the installation is complete.  Allow the installer to create a desktop icon when prompted.  At the final step, choose "Don't Restart".

2.  A secondary installer will initiate, Visual Presenter V1.  A message will come up saying that the driver only supports Windows versions XP to 7.  Click Ok and the window will close.

3.  Download the Lumens DC-162 drivers here.  Open the downloaded .zip file, and drag/extract the installer to your desktop.

4  Right-click on the extracted "DC-162 Drivers" installer on your desktop.  Choose Properties, then click the Compatibility tab.  Under compatibility mode, check and choose Windows 7, then click OK

5. Open the DC-162 Drivers installer; initially it may come up with a Windows Smart Screen warning; click More Info and then Run Anyway.  Run the installer, then click Finish and then (Finally!) restart your computer.

6.  Upon restarting and logging in, plug your document camera into your laptop using a USB cable (see diagram below).  Make sure you have your power cable plugged in as the DC-162 is not powered directly over USB like other doc cam models.  Open the Queue app from your desktop and power on your camera.  Click the Preview button (see below) to bring up the camera feed. 

Hardware connection diagram


Basic Queue App Functions




Ladybug Software


Installation Instructions:

1. Download Ladybug 2.0 here or 3.0 here.  Older cameras powered by AC will likely work on version 2, while cameras that run solely over a USB cable will use version 3.  Run the installer.

2.  Plug in your Lumens document camera using a USB cable (see diagram).  

Hardware connection diagram

General Ladybug document camera software and documentation here



HoverCam Setup


Most issue with hovercam can be resolved with installing the driver package: