Class Manager

Every teacher of record will get access to their Class Manager.

The class manager automatically rosters your students and allows you, as a teacher, to do the following:

  • Start a timed class session 
  • Push/lock apps to your students during a class session
  • Push/lock websites during a class session
  • Start in class polls, secure a website as a "safe test", and a number of other features.


Reset Password

If you need to log into the Mosyle app and you have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

1. Open

2. At the login page, click the "I forgot my password" link

3. Type your email address and click "Recover"

4. Open your email and look for an email from "Mosyle Manager"
     Click the link "Create new password"

5. Type in and confirm your new password.


That's it! You can now use your new password to log into the Mosyle App.

Self Service Portal

If you would like to install any of the apps directly managed by Mosyle MDM, you can use the Mosyle Manager's Self Service Portal

1. Open the Mosyle Manager app.
     It has an icon that looks like this: 

2. Log in if using your password. (Click here for instructions on how to reset your password if needed)

3. Select the "Self-Service" button at the top of the app

4. Select "My Apps"

5. Select the app you want to install and select "(Re)Install/Upadate". 


The app will then be queued to be installed on your iPad.


App Installation Guide


This guide will show you how to install apps to your students' iPads. 

Note: The app Microsoft Teams is used here as an example.

1- Logon to Mosyle to view your Class Manager   


2- Once in the Class Manager page, click the Add application(s) to the list.

Note:  For middle school, make sure you've selected the proper period Classroom


4- Microsoft Teams is a Tier 2 approved app. On the window that pops up, filter the apps by OSD-Tier2 apps. Scroll down and click on Microsoft Teams so that it gets a check mark.


You should now see Microsoft Teams on your list of student classroom apps.


5- IMPORTANT: Class and Study Apps must be disabled. Otherwise your students will not be able to open any apps.



 6- Then, the students will install the apps by going to the Manager app on their iPads.



7- Scroll down to see the app/s you have to (re)install and/or update. Then, tap (Re)Install/Update under the app/s.

Note: Study Apps pushed for particular classes are listed at the bottom of the page.