Apple ID

Here you will find information about the Apple ID.

What is an Apple ID?

The apple ID is used to connect you to Apple Services, such as:

  • App Purchases
  • Data backup

I keep getting a notice that my Apple ID is changing. What does this mean?

If you're getting  this alert, it means that you have at some point registered your email address with Apple and created an Apple ID with it.

This kind of an account would be considered a "private" or non-enterprise account

As we move forward with controlling Apple Devices, we can no longer support private Apple ID accounts.

The alert is telling you that you have some time to move any purchases made with your account to another private account.


Will I lose anything?

If you move your account to another private account, you won't lose anything.

You will even be able to log into your iPad using your new private account to get access to the apps previously purchased.

How do I move my purchases to a new private account?

All you need to do is update your Apple ID account with a different, non-"" email address.

Log into to make the changes.

This will change the Apple ID account name and email.

You can then start logging into your iPad using your new Apple ID username.


What if I don't have any purchases on my Apple ID account?

Then there's nothing to do and you're ready to use your enterprise account.

You can start logging into iCloud services using your regular OSD username and password.

See the iPad Backup and Restore page for more on this