Using Your Apple ID

Here you will find information about the how to use your Apple ID with your iPad.

Using Your NON-"OXNARDSD.ORG" account
Download Your Own Apps


Your NON-"" Apple ID allows you to download Apps form the ios App store.

Create Your NON-"" account

(If you previously updated your "" account with a new email, you can skip this)


Create a new Apple ID using any email other than an "" one.

There will be an email AND text confirmation.

If you feel uncomfortable using your personal phone or email, you will not be able to continue with this process.


Log Into The Apps Store

Please note, this process assumes that you have setup the iPad Backups
Please finish this process before continuing.


Select the "Settings" icon

  1. Select your name in the upper left corner
  2. Select "iTunes & App Store"
        If the area at the top has your "" Apple ID:
             a. Select the Apple ID
             b. Select "sign out"
  3. Select "Sign In"
  4. Use your NON-"" account
         If this is your first time logging in to this iPad with this account:
             a. You will be texted and authorization code.
             b. Type the code in the area provided.
  5. You'll Be signed in!
         Now you can visit the Apps Store!


First Time Downloading 
With a new Apple ID

If you've never used this Apple ID to download apps before, you'll get some new 

Select the "Apps Store" icon on the Home Screen

  1. Select an app that you want to download, selecting the "get" button.
  2. You will the following prompt:  
          This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store
  3. Select "review"
  4. Toggle the "Agree to Terms and Conditions" switch
  5. Select "Next"
        It is expected that this Apple ID will be used to purchase free apps only.
  7. Fill in the following fields using either you school address or the District Office:
  8. Click "next"     
  9. Click "continue"
  10. That's It! You're on your way to downloading apps