Approved Tier 2 - Optional iPad Apps


Tier 2 Apps can be managed in Mosyle's Manager and can be installed by the teacher or student directly. Go here or here for directions on using the manager. 

For staff iPads, these apps will show in the Mosyle Manager app as a download request.

Application Name


Amplify Education: Amplify Boost 6-8
Amplify Education: Matter & Energy of Ecosystems 6-8
Amplify Education: Metabolism Sim 6-8
Amplify Education: Natural Selection Sim 6-8
Amplify Education: Populations & Resources Sim 6-8
Apple Clips ALL
Apple GarageBand ALL
Apple iMovie ALL
Apple Keynote ALL
Apple Numbers ALL
Apple Pages ALL
BDI-3 Mobile Data Solution ALL
Book Creator (free) ALL
BrainPOP Featured Movie ALL
BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week ALL
CI Niños ALL
CloudLibrary by bibliotheca ALL
Desmos Graphing Calculator ALL
Desmos Scientific Calculator ALL
EdPuzzle ALL
Epic! - Kids' Books & Reading ALL
Geometry Nets Helper ALL
Google Arts & Culture ALL
Google Earth ALL
Google Sheets ALL
Google Jamboard ALL
GoTalk NOW LITE by Attainment Company ALL
Hopscotch by Hopscotch Technologies 6-8
HudsonAlpha iCell ALL
JFK Challenge ALL
Khan Academy ALL
Kidspiration Maps Lite (free) ALL
Lee Paso a Paso ALL
LEGO Education EV3 Classroom ALL
LEGO Education Spike 3 ALL
Microsoft Excel ALL
Microsoft Power Point ALL
Microsoft Teams ALL
Microsoft Word ALL
MLC: Geo Board ALL
MLC: Fractions ALL
MLC: Number Frames ALL
MLC: Number Line  ALL
MLC: Number Pieces ALL
MLC: Number Rack ALL
MLC: Math Clock ALL
MLC: Math Vocabulary ALL
MLC: Money Pieces ALL
MLC: Pattern Shapes ALL
Minecraft EDU ALL
myPromethean   ALL
Nearpod ALL
Newsela ALL
Nova Elements PBS ALL
Open eBooks ALL
Osmo Coding Duo by Tangible Play ALL
Osmo Coding Jam by Tangible Play ALL
Osmo Numbers by Tangible Play ALL
Peardeck ALL
Q-interactive Assess ALL
Quizlet: Learn with Flashcards ALL
Read Live by Read Naturally ALL
Scratch Jr. ALL
Seek (by iNaturalist) ALL
ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard ALL
Sky Guide ALL
Sky View ALL
Socrative Student ALL
Swift Playgrounds ALL
TapTapBlocks ALL
Virtuoso Piano 4 by Peter Nagy ALL
Volumize ALL
Wonder Workshop: Blockly for Dash & Dot Robots ALL
Wonder Workshop: Go for Dash & Dot Robots ALL
Ziplet ALL




Web Clips



Destiny Discover ALL